January 07, 2006

In-between-birding birds

18 red-tailed hawk*
19 dark-eyed junco
20 European starling
21 house sparrow
*only new species are listed

A trucker voices strong objections to my car driving around a truckstop in search of house sparrows. At least they appear to be objectionshis window is rolled up so I don't hear anything, but I can tell it's not friendly. He and his semi are bigger than I and my Mazda, so I pretend to take his advice. Normally I wouldn't spend time on house sparrows (introduced from England, they take habitat from native birds), but this is a Little Big Year after all, and since I'm filling up with gas I may as well pick up a species I know must be here.


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Though only a test, this is a killer blog!


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