July 27, 2006


135 black-billed magpie
136 blue grouse
137 American pipit
138 yellow-headed blackbird
139 yellow warbler
140 cedar waxwing
141 pine siskin
142 western wood-pewee
143 fox sparrow
144 long-billed curlew
145 American redstart
146 western tanager
147 Clark's nutcracker
148 Cordilleran flycatcher

JULY 20-26, BOZEMAN, MONT., mostly sunny, 90s—My week in Montana revived a birding blog whose pixels were decaying rapidly. Based in Bozeman and surrounded by the Gallatin and Bridger mountain ranges, I birded during three mountain hikes and visited several promising spots in and around the city. The next three entries cover what I saw.