April 22, 2007

100th is a lark

99 cliff swallow
100 lark sparrow
101 lesser yellowlegs
102 pectoral sandpiper
103 semi-palmated plover
104 least sandpiper
105 barn swallow
106 spotted sandpiper
107 brown-headed cowbird
(total on this date in 2006: 89)

APRIL 22, EAGLE BLUFFS, partly cloudy, 75—Along the Missouri River a strong west wind blew all morning, buffeting the least sandpiper so much it looked like he might flip over. Most waterfowl moved to windward shores for protection. You can even see waves in a channel where a map turtle basked.

Small numbers (but a nice variety) of shorebirds worked the shallow pools and mud shores. I saw two dowitchers, whether long-billed or short-billed I couldn't tell. Like many near-identical species, voice is the key. But I'm taking my notes in for high-level consultations and may issue a report later.

My 100th bird last year came on May 9, this year on April 22. So I'm ahead, but I need to be considering last year I fell way short of 300. My next goal is to have well over 150 at the end of May, compared to 131 last year.


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